Frequently Asked Questions

A career pathway outlines the job roles, salary, and training required to advance in an industry.

The GSS Career Pathway Framework will help bridge the skills gaps and increase employability in the GSS, by enabling access to information on post-secondary education, training, support services, life skills and certifications. Specifically, it will

- Equip students and jobseekers with the requisite information and tools to support their transition from education into the Global Services Sector. 

- Provide current employees and career changes with career trajectories for key segments of the GSS.

- Enable access to current and emerging career opportunities for career coaches and guidance counsellors.

- Provide training institutions with a platform to match their training programmes/courses with job roles, per the specified qualification requirement. 

The GSS Career Pathway Framework offers four pathways for learning and identifying a career choice.

- Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

- Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

- Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

- Digital Media & Gamification

To gain insights and improve your knowledge of the current and emerging exciting in-demand career opportunities available in the Global Services Sector. What better way to ascertain information, advice and guidance on the industry and the career pathways for those who wish to develop their careers within the sector.

The GSS Career Pathway Framework is open to everyone interested in learning about careers in the Global Services Sector. The GSS Project targets students, jobseekers, career changes, current employees, guidance counsellors and career coaches; HR, Training and Recruiting professionals in the GSS.

Identify your personality traits, interests, and strengths to first select the pathway of choice. You can take the RAISEC Test and see which pathway is recommended for you. Review the career paths for the segment(s) recommended and shortlist your preferred pathway. You can also access our career advisory services to discuss further your RAISEC test results, pathway and/or questions you may have relating to the careers in the sector.

Detailed job descriptions outlining the roles and key responsibilities, foundation skills required, training options to attain the qualification required and salary range estimates. Information regarding vertical progression and lateral career moves across job roles and groups are also indicated. 

Select the sign in/register option on the main page and complete the form. 

For greater experience on the site, please complete your profile in its entirety and do the RAISEC test.

The Global Services Sector (GSS) Project is a 5-year project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank that will provide Jamaicans with access to training and better jobs in the global services sector, namely in knowledge process outsourcing, information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing. 

The Loan was signed on January 24, 2019, between the Government of Jamaica and the Inter-American Development Bank under the Executing Agency, the Jamaica Promotions Corporation.

Visit the Global Services Sector Project webpage for more information.

Having register on the site and complete your profile, you will be prompted to complete the self-assessment (RAISEC test) thereafter. You may also select the Plan You Training tab and select the self-assessment option.

Respond to ALL questions posed honestly.

First you must complete your self-assessment using our RAISEC tool. You can access career guidance and advisory services to begin mapping your career by selecting the option to connect with a career advisor. An advisor will reach out to you via email within 36 hours of receiving your request.

Most definitely. Contact us at with the details, and we will work with our partner GSS firms to identify a representative to participate.

To align your training programme with Institutions and providers of training and certification programmes are also invited to join the CPF and submit related courses or programmes based on the job profiles & skills requirements.

Firstly, you must register as a training provider on the CPF. Once your profile has been completed and approved by the CPF Admin team, you will receive an email with a link to create your programme for feature on the CPF.

In creating a programme, your will be asked to provide the programme or course name, link to your website, programme level and the delivery method. 

If a programme submitted is not approved, the CPF Admin will provide an overview of the reason why the submission was denied via email. The proposed next steps will also be noted for consideration. 

If you require further details regarding the decision per the application, you may reach out to the CPF team at

Are firms allowed to register on the GSS CPF?

Individual representatives can register on the CPF to gain access to job role information to inform and validate job descriptions, cross-reference salary estimates and other details concerning the various roles.

Should you have a comment, query, or insights you may want to share on any job group/role, feel free to email us at